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Dragonchain Announces Takara to Accelerate Enterprise Blockchain Adoption


Digital transformation is about reimagining how you create value for your customers in a volatile world. Blockchain is poised to be a technology disruptor that cuts out intermediaries, reduces costs, and increase efficiencies and reach. It also offers greater transparency and traceability for many business processes; but for these outcomes to be reached, enterprise adoption has to become mainstream.

Complexity and volatility of cryptocurrency pose a risk to widespread enterprise adoption. Cryptocurrencies can be technical and can cause a barrier for mass adoption. Additionally, volatility can make cryptocurrencies a challenge for enterprise customers to adopt blockchain, due to the fluctuation in price. Enterprises need predictability in an unpredictable world. This poses a real problem for established companies that wish to reach the potential of blockchain, but are apprehensive operating in native cryptocurrency. Takara abstracts the complexity of cryptocurrency for enterprise customers.

Introducing Takara

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Takara matches token holders to enterprise customers needing tokens. Takara is a direct marketplace smart contract for token holders that wish to sell their Tokenized Micro-Licenses. Priced by an adoption based formula with participation based on variables such as DDSS and a minimum required hold time, Takara gives enterprises, developers, and those that wish to utilize the Dragonchain platform the ability to purchase directly from token holders; ignoring secondary markets altogether.

In order to use Dragonchain, Tokenized Micro Licenses (Dragons) are required to access and utilize the platform’s various services on a transactional basis. Due to the limited supply of Dragons and the nature of an open market, demand of Dragons causes the value of a Dragon to fluctuate. Using Takara, the company purchases Dragons with a credit card/fiat to activate Dragonchain services on a needs basis, ignoring the market variances.

Dragonchain Commercial Platform Pricing Model

*Pricing is subject to change.

Dragonchain is delivered as a cloud service and enables the fastest path to creating a chain. Dragonchain will be available in three different editions; lab, professional, and enterprise.

Lab Edition

Dragonchain Lab Edition is designed for non-production environments, such as development, QA, or educational environments. Some capabilities of the Lab Edition will be limited, such as transactions, marketplace access, and Interchain. The Lab Edition serves as the ideal platform for proof of concepts and the place to start your first blockchain project. Pricing starts at $250/month + $0.01 per transaction.

Professional Edition

Dragonchain Professional Edition is production-ready and available on a month-to-month subscription. Support will not be included, but will be available on a pay-per-use basis. Dragonchain Professional Edition is the best platform for independent developers supporting production workloads. The Professional Edition starts at $2500/mo + $0.01 per a transaction. {DDSS pricing TBD)

Enterprise Edition

Dragonchain Enterprise Edition is an enterprise class blockchain platform available on an annual contract. Support credits will be included. Dragonchain Enterprise Edition is the best platform for enterprises looking for the best value. Dragonchain Enterprise Edition starts at $5000/mo + $0.01 per a transaction.

Verification Nodes

DragonNet is a verification marketplace used in the consensus of transactions on Dragonchain, utilizing 5 layers in what we call a “Spectrum of Trust”.

Pricing Model:

Level 2 Enterprise (Validation) Verification will have an initial spin up cost of $250 + fees

Level 3 Network Diversity Verification will have an initial spin up cost of $2,500 + fees

Level 4 External Partner (Notary) Verification will have an initial spin up cost of $25,000 + fees

Takara pricing is set at $5.53 during the upcoming test period across the entire Dragonchain ecosystem. This number is based on our current adoption metrics. We plan to gather valuable data during this test period in preparation for future iterations. Dragon Days of Slumber Score (DDSS) gating for L2, L3, and L4 will be made available after the test period.


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