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Dontoshi Exchange: Decentralized times Centralized Exchange, for Gem Finders


Dontoshi is a community powered exchange for gem finders to catch the most promising tokens before they go to mainstream exchange. ERC20 Token is an ethereum based token mostly issued to investors by their favorite projects.

It is always the dream of investors to be the first to get the first bite through decentralized exchange. However, most investors always miss the train after all sleepless nights due to Ethereum network clog and even some buy it on a roof price due to network clog. Most investors prefer to wait for the token on centralized exchanges because of the hassles of using DEX (decentralized exchanges) which trade through the smart contracts that is not as fast as it is smart.

Dontoshi Exchange user interface is unique designed for users friendly for both new and experienced traders to trade gems with ease because simplicity is paramount here.

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Dontoshi target Market

Ethereum based token is our target market for now because its smart contract capability has given birth to a lot of dream projects; and some of these new projects are even threatening to be Ethereum killer. That is the beauty of decentralization for you. Some good and well marketed ICOs are always sold out in less than an hour in which the only way you can get there is to wait for the listing date in an exchange. Most ICOs are always listed first in the decentralized exchange and most investors are not comfortable with that because sometimes you end up buying half of a token for 10 ether or 358 ether due to some DEX UI/UX is not user friendly. That is one problem we want to solve by combining decentralized and centralized platforms; and give the new ICO token a user-friendly interface for investors to trade it with ease.

How to get discount trading on Dontoshi Exchange

Traders that trade altcoins in Dontoshi exchange in DTD market will get 50% discount trading altcoins with DTD (Dontoshi token) token. That is, any DTD/Altcoin pair trading attracts a 50% discount.

How to list your token on Dontoshi Exchange

Listing your token for the moment is free but you need to apply for voting through this link https://dontoshi.featureupvote.com/ after the exchange launch we will start to accept and list token by just verification. Token with great value, great team and strong community will be listed in Dontoshi Exchange.

How to get Sign up bonus for Dontoshi Exchange

There will be a sign up bonus for the first 100,000 people that sign up to trade in Dontoshi Exchange, 10 Million DTD were mapped out for signup bonus.

DTD is an ERC20 token and native token for Dontoshi Exchange

For the moment you can trade DTD Dontoshi token (DTD) from the contracts address after the exchange is launched by ending of the month you can be able to trade dontoshi token in Dontoshi Exchange.

Dontoshi token details:
Token name: Dontoshi token
Token symbol: DTD
Token decimal: 18
Token total supply: 100,000,000
Token circulation supply: 35,000,000
Token contract address:  0x7b9f3f8d3c8631246409e4993294d464ffa9ce2e
Token temporary trading link:  https://forkdelta.github.io/#!/trade/0x7b9f3f8d3c8631246409e4993294d464ffa9ce2e-ETH

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