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Decentralized exchange of ERC20 tokens with zero trading fee


Decentralized exchanges are the future of the cryptocurrency market and represent the values of the blockchain. A centralized exchange (ex. Coinbase, Kraken, Binance, Bittrex, etc.) is run by a profit-oriented company that gets revenue from their platform’s fee structures. To put it simply: both the access and exit points into the current blockchain ecosystem require fees — all of which go to centralized exchanges. Not very fair or community oriented! This is the main reason why decentralization is needed.

ECX is a new decentralized exchange. ECX business model is really simple. Zero trading fee in each order. The large number of happy customers will generate larger trade volumes,which will also result in a greater appreciation of the token ecx. Our first target is to reach 100 Million USD daily trading volume within 12 months of launch. The second target is 1 Billion USD daily trading volume in the next 5 years.

ECX is as fast and simple as your favorite centralized exchange.

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Peer-to-peer trading allows traders within our exchange to trade directly with each other. We’re removing the “middleman” and allowing you to trade without ever losing control of your funds.

Our message is simple and easy to understand: zero trading fee + amazing service = customer satisfaction.

Centralized exchanges do not offer good service. Deposits and withdrawals that take hours to process.
These are the reflexes of the CEX: centralized exchanges.

ECX EXCHANGE is as truly decentralized and secure cryptocurrency exchange powered.

Each user controls their assets without help from third parties.
In this way the deposits, withdrawals and trades are in the control of the user.

ECX is a NEW highly functional trading platform designed for novice traders and seasoned investors. Decentralized. Scalable. Secure.


The ICO ECX Exchange has come to shake the cryptography market.

Our ICO has started!
Join now and win a 200% bonus!


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