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Countdown to BCI Summit in New York


The arrival of institutional investment into the crypto space has signaled a number of maturity tests for the most popular ones of BitcoinEthereum, and Ripple. As such, it seems like everyone and their mothers are trying to get a grip on this emerging financial asset. 

Traditional Finance Meets Crypto

Wrapping your head around the technical aspects of Bitcoin’s blockchain is one thing, but finding ways to open your portfolio to the digital currency market without risks is a whole different ballgame. While age-old advice can undoubtedly prepare you for the balancing act of keeping your holdings in the green, there are key differences that need to be noted when entering the volatile world of cryptocurrencies.

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So, how does one avoid the pitfalls and find the highest Alpha? Education and research.

This year’s BCI Summit on June 11 to June 12, 2018, will look to bring together the innovative aspects that blockchain technology is providing for the legacy financial system.

As an investor-centric discussion, speakers from top startups, venture capital firms, and ex-banking executives will dive into the strategies to capitalize on the incoming financial revolution. All of it is sure to quench your desire for a knowledgeable-edge in the markets.

Key Speakers

The balance of financial experience, best cybersecurity practices, and innovators in the space will, if anything, give a fulll overview of the all the moving parts. Most notably, Charlie Shrem, founder of the Bitcoin Foundation, co-founder and former CEO of BitInstant LLC, and one of the most important voices in the anglicization of Bitcoin, will be sharing his experiences since the pioneer cryptocurrency’s inception.

Arianna Simpson, another early proponent of Bitcoin, will shed light on the move from the technical point of view of BitGo to running a blockchain-focused VC firm. Shira Rubinoff, a top 25 cybersecurity expert, will go into how scams are increasing and due diligence is more important than ever when exploring the crypto space. CME Group, IBM, BlockTower Capital, and many more will help the novice, and expert investors alike pick apart the decentralized world of crypto.

For full details on the agenda, list of speakers, tickets, and location, please visit the BCI Summit website.

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