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Connecty: a Unique Token for a Currency of Global Knowledge


To enable the optimal functioning of our knowledge ecosystem, we create a dedicated currency, the CTY token (blockchain Stellar), the knowledge currency. This monetary creation taking the form of a token is essential for 3 reasons :

  • Dissociation of knowledge exchanges from money. The vocation of researchers, their purpose, their motivation are based on the creation of knowledge. The association of these motor values with the financial aspect of the notion of exchanges can, for some at least, prove to be delicate. Therefore, the use of a token embodying the knowledge economy seems to allow us to overcome this reluctance by going beyond the single monetary concept attached to the exchange. With a dedicated token, the exchange will not be reduced to a single financial transaction. It materializes the fluidity of the sharing of knowledge, keystone of the advent of a true circular economy of knowledge.
  • A means of quantifying the exchanges occurring within the circular economy of knowledge. The stake of the project, to allow the freedom and unlimited exchange of knowledge between the actors, cannot be conceived without the introduction of a unit of measurement, the token CTY, intended to quantify the exchanges in order to be fair and equitable in regards to those most involved in sharing.
    Concretely, those who bring more knowledge (by contribution we mean remunerated missions in CTY tokens) than they acquire will be able to convert this surplus into a purchase in the store of knowledge or in fiat currency (euros, dollars, …). Conversely those who receive more than they produce / contribute will be able to compensate for this deficit by contributions in fiat currency.
  • A reliable, secure, economical means of exchange with a global architecture for a worldwide project. The use of the Stellar ecosystem brings all the benefits of blockChain (security, decentralization, very
    low cost of exploitation, etc.) and the advantages of Stellar Smart-Contracts (environment of trust, automation of contracts, flexibility of formats).

Connecty.io in the global ecosystem

According to Connecty.io, the knowledge must be able to get rid of the barriers, whether they are:

  • Linguistic, as we have just seen before with two worlds, innovators and creators of knowledge, with very different business languages.
  • Geographical, with exchanges and meetings between the actors of these two worlds. These exchanges have to be fluent and intervene at the global level.

By conserving the guiding thread of the different levels of knowledge, today we can observe that:

  • The global dissemination of fundamental research benefits is slow and can be improved on many points: the knowledge is already being spread in the academic world but it remains divided into disciplines and fields of expertise.
  • The knowledge issued from applied research uses various fields of expertise, and requires a multidisciplinary collaboration.
  • The know-how is the synthesis of knowledge coming from different fields of application.

Connecty.io, the solution, implying more communication and an intensification of exchanges. This platform is useful for:

  • Decompartmentalizing the fields of expertise.
  • Circulating knowledge between laboratories and companies, without any notion of borders, by multiplying international exchanges and collaborations.
  • Allowing exchanges of know-how between companies.
    Now With Connecty.

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