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Co-Founder of Pay-Pal have been supplanted

Classic Scam At Virtual Currency


Elon Reeve Musk is an inventor, investor and entrepreneur born in South Africa with Canadian and American nationality. Musk is known for co-founding PayPal, Tesla Motors, SpaceX, Hyperloop, SolarCity, The Boring Company and OpenAI.

The last February 7, SpaceX launched “Falcon Heavy” and Elon Musk post it on his own Twitter. Until now everithing seems to be normal but then, after thousands of Twitter responses, the trap was set. Musk anounced he is going to donate 250 Ethereums to the first 250 people who send 0.2 ETH to his wallet. So he was giving 1 ETH to every one who has sent 0.2 ETH to the posted account.

Elon Musk 08/FEB/2018 (@eilon_musk): Hi guys! I am donating 250 Ethereum to the ETH comunity! First 250 transactions with 0.2 ETH sent to the address below will receive 1.0 ETH in the address the 0.2 ETH came from.


The promotion will last 24 hours! hurry!


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If you take a look on this Twitter account, you will realise that something is wrong. The profile photo is the same but the user name is not correct. Real one is “@elonmusk”, very simillar to the fake one “@elon_musk”.

Someone supplanted Elon to bring into “CryptoWorld” one of the classic scams and some people fall in the trap. If you check the wallet above with EtherScan or simillars, you wil see how people payed for nothing, at the moment this swindle have collected arround 7.200 Dollars and theres no way to get back the money.



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