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Blockchain Opens New Avenues for Influencer Marketing


The growth of influencer marketing has increased exponentially over the last years, it has multi-folded its size in the last 2 years. For conglomerates, it is one of the top priority and an essential part of marketing. Other than marketing, influencer marketing has also shown the effectiveness in achieving the countless business goals.

Social campaigns through multiple channels helped to boost customer engagement exponentially. Now, brands, advertisement companies, and intermediaries are not confined to their industries, for example, brands who are operated in fashion, food, and banking sectors are not stuck to their domains, they are looking for the influencers in the different industry as well.

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Looking at the current system, advertisers and brands find it difficult to search influencers and collaborate with them. It is a daunting and time-consuming task to find the right influencer, moreover, the cost associated with it is enormous which create a big obstacle to implement the influencer campaign. There are many companies who try to increase the visibility of influencers, but the categorization of influencers based on the expertise is still not possible. For both advertiser and influencers, Inflr solves this problem with the help of blockchain technology.


Instagram is one of the biggest platforms for influencer marketers, it has a whopping number of influencers who post sponsored ads. This year, brands expected to spend huge money on influencer marketing to multifold the customer reach and profit. Moreover, a search of “influencer marketing” on a search engine has increased by 300%.

The demand of influencers has increased in such a way that brands are lining in the queue to serve their request, due to this high demand, matchmaker jobs have also popped up who connect influencers and brands. Inflr is one of the best platforms where brands and advertisers can find influencers based on different criteria, moreover, smart contract on blockchain will make all the transactions and legal parts transparent and clear. Remuneration to influencers can be given in Inflr coin, and redemption of payment will be made within 48 hours.

Inflr Hub, co-creation space, is a customized workspace where influencers and guests can participate in training, and create high-quality content. All the equipment to create the content will be available in the Inflr Hub.

Influencer marketing has increased its wings from food and fashion to finance and real estate. Considering the example of the banking industry, understanding loans, term deposits, and corporate banking is very difficult to understand for normal customers. When influencer positioned to connect a brand through a story, influence is much more than the digital ads.

To summarize, influencer marketers are not required for product placements, they are used to share the brand value and unique offering with the target audience, and Inflr is one of the blockchain based companies who is working toward this initiative.

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