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Blockchain-based patent and high-tech funding platform TecraCoin starts IEO on Latoken exchange


Blockchain-based patent and high-tech funding platform TecraCoin starts IEO on Latoken exchangeDownload Photoshop 2020 Cracked

TecraCoin’s blockchain brings tokenization and decentralized funding
to patented high-tech innovations, prepared to enter the market.

Warsaw, September 17th 2019 — TecraCoin, a blockchain startup based in Warsaw, Poland, has today started IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) with Latoken Exchange. Collected money will be used to fund high-tech technologies such as patented revolutionary graphene light-bulbs, which is the leading innovation Tecra has already invested in.

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Investors can now buy TCR coins on Latoken. TecraCoin project and its team have been verified by the exchange, already. 

Decentralized Exchange to tokenize high-tech projects and patents

Through blockchain technology and tokenization of patents, the company’s goal is to build a reliable decentralized funding platform, decreasing the costs and speeding up the process to launch innovative technologies to the market. Starting with patented graphene applications (light-bulbs, paintings, etc…) developed by their scientific team; then allowing anyone to submit their projects to the platform by 2022. 

Those graphene applications radically change the desired properties of many technologies commonly used today, such as e.g. hydrophobicity, barrier properties, biocidal properties, thermal and electrical conductivity, and increase in sliding properties.  

The project is implemented in cooperation with the Institute of Low Temperature and Structure Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences, which holds the highest academic rank of A+, according to the Ministry of Science of Poland. 

Aside from graphene, TecraCoin is already investing in other technologies, such as waste treatment based on catalysis, or even hydrogen production for industrial purposes. 

A project already backed up by investors and research grants

Thanks to private investors and to a $130,000 grant of the National Centre for Research and Development (Poland), TecraCoin has developed a graphene based light-bulb. 

They are now applying for another research grant for an amount approximating $4M.

During the 14 first days of their IEO on Latoken, there is a discount on buying TCR in order to attract more investors.

There are other options to invest in the project, such as buying Masternodes from their website, or soon, a mobile wallet crypto-deposit system.

A TCR cryptocurrency, tied to real companies revenues

TecraCoin has already invested in a waste treatment company. 

They will create other SPVs to bring products on the market from their patents. Their business model assumes that at least 50% of the profits of each SPV will be used to buy TCR from the market. 

Thus, TCR will reflect the revenues and activities of companies with applications of specific innovative technologies. With that mechanism, TCR aims to be less speculative than some other cryptocurrencies.

About TecraCoin

TecraCoin’s main mission is to build a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) to tokenize high-tech projects and patents. They are trying to establish a bridge between scientists, investors, and individuals. This bridge will solve the problem to monetize inventions, by allowing everyone to take part in funding, and receive profits generated by technologies brought to the world.

Contact Info

For more information : https://tecracoin.io


+48 22 242 82 43

9 Belwederska Street #10

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00-761 Warsaw


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