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Blackcat Blockchain Investments, collaborating company of the Cresio project, the first legal ICO issued in Spain


Blackcat Blockchain Investments, a firm specializing in the study of the cryptocurrency market and digital marketing, has signed a collaboration agreement with Cresio, in order to strengthen the project and give greater visibility to its token placement process

Cresio is the first project that issues a legal ICO in the national territory, scrupulously complying with all legal requirements. In this way, the Cresio team leads the opening of the cryptocurrency market in the Spanish market.

What is Cresio?

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Cresio is a Spanish company formed by a multidisciplinary team of experts in various sectors, focused on the development of a platform that provides investors of the “Crypto” space with powerful tools that facilitate their work: possibility to operate simultaneously in multiple Exchanges, obtain in Real-time information on the state of the markets, control of the balance of portfolios, monitoring of work in mining Pools, notifications of new Airdrops and another large list of signals to operate in the markets.

For more detailed information visit their website: https://cresio.io/

Currently, the Cresio Roadmap is in the launch phase of its Bounty program, and on May 1 the first phase of its ICO (Initial Coin Offering) begins.

Why Cresio?

There are plenty of reasons to invest in this project. The Cresio team offers a powerful and versatile tool for investors of all levels, whether professional or private investors. They are a solid and well-trained team, with a long-term vision of their very ambitious project. They have opted to be pioneers in Spain in a currency issue, which gives this project impeccable security and transparency. And best of all, they show their commitment to the future and solidity with what we consider the “jewel in the crown”: The WalletHold.

What is the WalletHold?

WalletHold is a reward system for its users for the next 50 years. The Cresio team through this system will distribute the amount of 9,750,000 CRES biweekly to the first 850 portfolios registered in the platform containing 500,000 CRES or more.

With this tool, the Cresio team demonstrates without a doubt the degree of care of its users and an impeccable long-term vision.

For all the above, Blackcat is committed to this project. It has all the features that every good project should include. And after all, the desire for constant improvement that puts the perfect brooch and guarantees a successful future.

Blackcat Team.

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