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According to statistics, the online gaming industry had a volume of 37.91 billion U.S. dollars in the year 2015. Experts have forecasted this figure to increase to 59.79 billion U.S. dollars before the end of 2018.

It is a popular thing all over the world to see people bet on sports, casinos and other different events, It is an activity that humans like so much, especially since it affords the participating individuals an opportunity at financial gratification as well as other inherent pleasures.
Then many issues have plagued the industry, some of which include high service transaction fees,
payment methods, deposit and withdrawal delays, severe taxing, and inadequate user support among other numerous unpleasant challenges.
People have had to bear with these shortcomings, since there was not a reliable solution before now.

The emergence of a decentralized payment technology is a welcome development that answers to the many centralized and third party mediated payment problems that has always been evident in the gaming industry.

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On the other hand, the Crypto industry is unfolding, new opportunities are being discovered and new problems solving businesses are using the blockchain technology. It is estimated that most companies will start using blockchain technology by 2025.

The birthing of the Betlycoin comes as an ingenious blockchain invention that tackles all of the setbacks that have troubled the gaming and bookmaking industry for many years.
Betlycoin is the first fully decentralized sports betting platform that has a working model that can coordinate the transaction activities of several betting platforms.
As it stands, Betlycoin is expected to usher in a widespread revamping of the financial world in this regard, and users may have just discovered a way out of all the gross losses experienced with the traditional betting and gambling methods.

The aim of Betlycoin protocol framework is to host the services of a good number of gambling and bookmaker platforms all over the world, and to remove all the difficulties that are peculiar to centralized operations, which have crept and found their path into the gaming industry. When this pulls through, would be having all the world’s betting companies and gambling casinos on a singular, but most convenient and easy to use platform.

The advantage of this is that the betting and gambling sites that obtains franchise with the Betlycoin Company are afforded an opportunity to spread their business tentacles across the other countries where they couldn’t have gained access.



? Over 1.6 billion people actively gamble worldwide, owning the Betly token means you already have something that is sure to increase in because over a billion people is already interested in it.

? Limited supply, the maximum amount of tokens that can be in circulation is 100 million BETLY. This means that the people that need the token are far more than the number in circulation, which will cause the value of the asset to multiply in a short period.

? Periodic profit Sharing, the Betlycoin company will on a quarterly basis share 20% of the gross profit made by the company to the holders of the BETLY. This is a huge one because remember there are over 1.6 billion bettors worldwide. If Betlycoin only has 10 Million users worldwide and makes just 1$ from it daily, that’s $10 million as daily profit, in a month it will be 300 million dollars and 20% our gross profit will be distributed to the holders of BETLY on quarterly basis.

Betlycoin immediately after the ICO will be listed on several big Crypto exchanges, which will see it being further exposed to millions of others in the cryptocurrency community

? Franchising, the Betlycoin company will partner and sell franchise to several betting companies worldwide, this will increase its user base and enhance the company’s revenue which token holders also benefit from.

You are not just buying a token you are buying an asset.

? Presale starts on 25th July 2018

? Buy an asset not just a token.

Join the revolution.

Visit ? https://betlycoin.com

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