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ARROUND: The Decentralized Augmented Reality Platform


ARROUND is a breakthrough product in the augmented reality (AR) space that utilizes the power of blockchain to connect a social media platform, an innovative advertising network, a 3D AR cloud and an AR store. The company is currently operating an ICO that to raise additional funds before its launch.

The public has always had a huge appetite for AR, but so far adoption of augmented reality has been limited to military and industrial applications such as Heads Up Displays (HUDs) in fighter jets. But if Pokémon Go proved anything, it was that AR is ready for mainstream commercialization, which is exactly where ARROUND fits in.

The company is building a platform for the development of the entire consumer AR ecosystem, allowing advertisers, developers and consumers to connect in augmented reality for the first time. While some companies, like Magic Leap, have taken billions if dollars in investment, ARROUND is taking a completely different approach.

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According to Neil Bryant, the company’s CEO who previously led Badoo.com, ARROUND isn’t inventing anything new themselves, rather they are using existing commercially available technology from the likes of Apple and Google to build their platform.

“We are building on technology that is already here, and it’s built into your current iOS or Android phone. ARKit (Apple) and ARCore (Android) provide off-the-shelf functionality for AR developers – but we are using it in imaginative and brand new ways that bring added value to the market,” says Neil Bryant.

As a demonstration of what ARROUND is capable of, Neil points towards the platform’s AR Advertising Network, which offers an array of engaging options for marketing campaigns.

“We are offering advertisers a way to guide shoppers directly to a product on the shelf of a high-street store. Using our AR Map and our AR Camera, we are effectively closing the distance between consumers and advertisers, bringing digital marketing directly to the point of sale,” he explains.

ARROUND is tokenizing its economy with the use of blockchain, a deliberate choice that enables it to unite advertisers and developers, guaranteeing transparency in what can be an incredibly complicated and confusing marketplace. Plus, tokens are used to reward map builders – the crowd-sourced 3D Map is an essential element of the network and something of incredible value to external AR industry as a whole.

ARROUND is releasing its own ERC20 token (ARR), which will be used for all transactions within the ecosystem. The company’s Main Token Sale begins on 15 September 2018 and ends on 15 November 2018. Each token is priced at 0.035 USD and bonuses are available for early contributors. ARROUND has successfully completed a Pre-sale, raising $1 million USD earlier this year.

ARROUND already has commercial partnerships with Unilever, Scania, Campari and others, a significant trust indicator, showing that even at this early stage large multi-national companies want the company to deliver campaigns for some of their leading products.

Website https://arround.io/

For all enquiries, please contact info@arround.io.

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