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9 Famous People Talking About Bitcoin

Eric Schmidt, Former CEO of Google

Eric Emerson Schmidt was invited to run Google in 2001 and worked in the company till 2015. He devoted his whole life to the development of internet technologies. He wrote Lex when he worked at Bell Labs during summers as an intern! Sun Microsystems, Inc. was the first company where he gained top-level positions. It was under his leadership that they created such products as the Java programming language and the Network File System, widely known as NFS. He also worked in Xerox Corporation and Novell, Inc.

Still, the prime of his career fell on the times when Schmidt was a Google’s CEO, when the company created YouTube, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Earth, etc. Can you imagine the modern internet without them? Me neither. Let alone the Android OS and Chrome browser, these two gave Apple and Microsoft a run for their money back in 2008! By the way, he worked for Apple, too. When Eric Schmidt left his position of CEO in Google, the company gave him 100 million dollars award for his service. He is also an author of several books and a famous philanthropist.

Allegedly, Julian Assange was the first who drawed Schmidt’s attention to Bitcoin. In 2011, he agitated the famous programmer to invest in the then-nascent cryptocurrency, but Schmidt preferred to pass on. It seems, he has changed his opinion since then. During his speech at the Computer History Museum in 2014 he claimed that the novel technology has the great future, first of all due to its ability to have something that cannot be replicated. He said, that it can be the foundation for many businesses. However, Google itself does not seem to rush with bitcoin’s implementation, ambiguously claiming that they “are paying attention to this issue”.

Childish Gambino (Donald Glover), Actor, Comedian and Rapper

Donald McKinley Glover Jr. was born in 1983 at the air force base in California. He was a student of two schools of arts — DeKalb and Tisch, his profession was dramatic writing. Donald started his career as a writer for comedy sketches and sitcoms, and now he is a star of Star Wars and has his own series on FX. Childish Gambino is his rap name, as Donald is also a famous rapper. No wonder this multidimensional personality simply could not confine himself only to music and television. The Money magazine included Gambino to the list of celebrities who say “Yes” to bitcoins. In his interview to Time in 2013 he was very enthusiastic, while the world was still in doubt. Thus, Donald deserves a BTC award, beside his Emmys and Grammys.

Vitalik Buterin, Co-founder of Ethereum and Bitcoin Magazine

Vitalik Buterin was born in Russia in 1994 in the family of a computer scientist, who decided to take his family to Canada when the future cryptocurrency prophet was only six years old. A couple of years later, Dmitry Buterin recognized Vitalik’s talents of a programmer and mathematician, and sent him to school for gifted kids. Young Buterin graduated the private Abelard School in Toronto and entered the University of Waterloo in 2012. By then, he already knew nearly all about Bitcoin. When he was only 17, he wrote his first article for one BTC blog, and in September 2011 he became a co-founder and a leading writer of the Bitcoin Magazine.

In 2013 Vitalik Buterin wrote a white paper where he described Ethereum — his own new idea, which comprised the operating system with the original programming language, mining network, blockchain and new cryptocurrency. Buterin implemented the principles of simplicity, universality, modularity, agility, and non-censorship, which he thought to be the main unresolved issues of then-existing digital currencies. He believed that programmers and economists should place more efforts to make bitcoins handier and more accessible for individuals and businesses.

Rick Falkvinge, Technology Entrepreneur and Founder of the Swedish Pirate Party

The birth name of Rick Falkvinge was Dick Greger Augustsson. System developers found his real name inappropriate, this is why Dick became Rick. It is highly probable that his views on internet privacy and further political activity were very much affected by this episode. He always stood for the right of individuals to share information freely. Even before the world wide web, Rick was a frequent guest at copyparties, sharing the content of his CD’s with other adherents.

Falkvinge writes in his blog that he has invested all his money, including the credit line, into bitcoins at the very beginning of the BTC history. His foresight has never let him down, and bitcoin is on its way of becoming “bigger than the oil industry.” However, his belief in cryptocurrencies is not based exclusively on the dividends they pay. Knowing his philosophy and reading his statements about Bitcoin, I can assume that Rick Falkvinge hopes that this technology can free people from banks and governments in the future.

Bill Gates, Co-founder of Microsoft

Do I really have to tell you who Bill Gates is? Everyone knows him, the wealthiest man on earth from 1995 to 2017, with the current worth of over 90 billion US dollars! He’s founded the world’s largest computer software company, and being in his early 60s, he still contributes for his company as a technical advisor. So, what does he think about Bitcoin? Surprisingly, he’s been a bit controversial over the recent years.

First of all, I have to tell you that he does not own any bitcoins, he’s even sold out the ones he has been given as a gift. Gates claims that investing in bitcoin is a “greater fool theory,” and he would be against it if he could. On the other hand, he knows that he cannot and says it openly. In 2014 Bill Gates was a little bit more positive about BTC, saying that it is much handier and more efficient than fiat currency. He still recognizes that the blockchain technology “is key,” and it promises to become a brand new way to share and verify information.

Ashton Kutcher, Actor and Investor

Christopher Ashton Kutcher is more famous as a movie star, we all remember his “That 70s Show,” “The Butterfly Effect,” and his Steve Jobs in “Jobs.” It appears, that this man has managed to make a career not only in Hollywood, but in Silicon Valley, too. He has become a successful capitalist who is not afraid of taking risks. Kutcher has invested in many internet projects: Skype, Airbnb, Uber, to name but a few. He is also a co-founder of BitPay, and believes that bitcoin is not only a great investment opportunity. The principles of its decentralization and anonymity, he says, can be implemented in other spheres of life in the future.

Albert Arnold Gore Jr., 45th Vice President of the United States

A former vice president of the United States, a famous environmental activist, and a Nobel Peace Prize laureate in 2007, Albert Arnold Gore Jr. is also one of the biggest proponents and admirers of Bitcoin. Taking part at the Innovation Project 2013, Al Gore answered the question from Karl Mehta, this was maybe the first time when he addressed the issue of cryptocurrencies. While having some concerns about regulation and security, he was very optimistic and said that this technology would open new, formerly unknown, prospects in for the humanity.

Max Keiser, Journalist

Timothy Maxwell Keiser, born in 1960 is a famous American/English/Russian broadcaster, a film maker and an acknowledged world financial expert. He studied theater at the university, and after the graduation he was a stand-up comedian for some time. Everything changed after he was invited to the stock brokerage in the 80s. Economics and finance have become the integral parts of his professional life, since then.

To make sure that Max Keiser is a real expert, you can have a look at his career in media — he produces, hosts and co-hosts various economics programmes on RT, Sputnik, BBC, Al-Jazeera English, writes business reviews for The Huffington Post, and he is a creator of the online financial game Hollywood Stock Exchange. His most famous projects are The Keiser Report, People & Power, Double Down, etc.

Keiser has always been a huge Bitcoin supporter. He states that the blockchain technology and particularly cryptocurrencies are a powerful geopolitical instrument, which can put the world’s superpowers “out of business, thank God,” as he says. Max Keiser claims that governments and central banks have to adjust to the new circumstances, which are real and present. He believes that with Bitcoin people can get freedom and peace.

Paul Graham, Creator of Yahoo Store

Paul Graham is one of the greatest authorities in the world of computer science. He created Yahoo! Store and Y Combinator, which is the most successful and influential American startup accelerator. They have invested a little less than 1500 startups, you surely know many of them. Dropbox, Reddit, Airbnb, Paribus, Weebly, Coinbase — I can continue the list till morning. Coinbase was the first and only BTC online wallet funded by the Graham’s technology incubator. Interestingly, he himself doesn’t seem to have any bitcoins, at least he’s said so in 2013.

Some say that Paul Graham has changed his mind about Bitcoin over time. Indeed, first he invests in Coinbase in 2012. Then, in March 2013, he writes a post on Y Combinator, where he calls it a “paradigm shift.” Then, all of a sudden, he argues that Bitcoin could have been originated by a government. I assume, it was not his real point of view, just another conspiracy theory to chat about with friends online. There is one thing that reveals his true thoughts about Bitcoin — there are at least two Graham’s quotations where he compares this technology to microcomputers, from 2013 and 2017. Both times he means that it is capable to set the world’s economy on the new better path.

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