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5 Advantages of Accepting Cryptocurrencies in Your Business


Allocating 5-10% of your portfolio to the asset would allow you to benefit from any upside, while at the same time limiting any potential losses. Losing 10% of your wealth might be painful, but it’s not a disaster. You could probably make this money back in two or three years, assuming the rest of your portfolio is invested in equities and these return 8% per annum.

Cryptocurrencies are increasingly present in our daily lives. In addition to printing
news daily and becoming the subject of TV programs, documentaries and series,
several establishments have already adhered to the novelty and have come to
accept digital currency as a means of payment. If you want to gain more
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One of the strongest advantages of accepting crypto-coins in your business is that it
is not managed by an intermediary agent in the financial system because they are
decentralized currencies. This means much more freedom and less bureaucracy in
carrying out operations. You actually own your money, and do not depend on third
parties to transact it. An interesting point in this matter is that if the country’s
economy collapses, or suddenly the world’s financial system itself, the crypto-coins
may be unharmed.
Crypto-technology, Blockchain, is extremely secure and considerably reduces the
risk of fraud. Those who have a business and conduct transactions through
gateways and other digital forms of payment, for example, need to pay an anti-
fraud fee and often end up with some undetected fraud losses due to chargebacks
and cancellations. .
Conversations with crypto-coins are irreversible. That is, customers can not make a
chargeback. The only way to get a refund in these cases is through a new
transaction back to the consumer.
3- Low transaction costs and speed

By having a much higher level of security, the payment method automatically does
not require anti-fraud fees to be paid. And the few fees that exist for running the
network itself are often symbolic. Also, because there are no https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bureaucracy bureaucracies with
intermediaries, transactions are done very quickly.
4- Transparency
Accountability for cryptocurrency transactions can be done much more
conveniently, as all transaction information is publicly available and recorded in a
kind of logbook called Blockchain, which can be easily accessed through websites.
type Block Explorer.
5- Global Currency
Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies, can also be called “Internet money.” This is
because they have the same cash money properties that we know and use, the only
difference is that transactions occur online. As we know, the internet is global, so it
gives cryptocurrencies the same condition. This means that you can receive
payments from around the world in your business as easily and speedily as you
receive an email.
As you can see, accepting crypto coins provides several benefits for businesses. In
addition, by embracing innovation, you’ll stand out in the market as a pioneer in a
technology that will soon dominate the retail business.

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